Sunday, February 5, 2017

Time to get epic!

Hi there, everyone!
How are you doing? 

I've been thinking lately, that I've been sharing only reviews with you, and although I appreciate every single one of you who drop by and read, I thought that today we could do something different. As I mentioned, I love writing, but as any other aspiring writer, I have both my strenghts and my weaknesses, and one of the parts I hate the most in the writing process is choosing a title. I know they are necessary, but after a few difficult experiences, I know that it would be better to choose a title BEFORE starting writing; I gave this a lot of thoughts (especially with the contest I told you about a few months ago), and I arrived to the conclusion that titles are hard -for me, at least- because writing takes a lot of emotional involvement, and simply, how can I summon everything my story means to me in a couple of words? How can I define what the writing process was, and show so many emotions in such a short way? 

Tough thing. But today, I thought we may have some fun with titles. I did something similar before, with the chart to figure out your Regency lady name. Just, I would need to clarify, I do not own anything, this chart just popped up in my search, and I thought "why not?"

Here it goes:

I'll start! My title would be... The Gates of Ash & Storms.
Oh, awesome, sounds like something I would read!

Can't wait to know yours! Please, comment!


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