Monday, January 8, 2018

Review - Breathe In

Original Title: Breathe In
Series: Threats of Sky and Sea, #0.7
Author: Jennifer Ellision
Published: December 29th, 2015

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

What a wonderful novella! As I read this I couldn’t help some mixed feelings about it, because, on one hand, I really loved Lady Corrine, but in the other, knowing what happened to her from Threats of Sky and Sea broke my heart, because she deserved all the happiness in the world. I was surprised because of how relatable I felt she is, because I’ve been there too, in situations similar to hers, like, for example, when she’s so very passionate about things like architecture, she can’t help her fascination and talent, but that is considered “unladylike”, as she moves among nobles, and has a ton of expectations over her, mostly around her marriage prospects. But Ardin –whom I love from the first book of the saga– encourages her and loves exactly for that, for all those things that make her unique. More than once I thought she could actually be Bree’s true mother, because much of her character is visible in her. 

Most of the events in this novella develop at the same time than the ones in Sisters of Wind and Flame, even Lady Katerine shows up at some point, and I just knew things could never go well with her around (and I wasn’t wrong). The story refers to Duke Ardin’s work as the King’s assassin, which isn’t specifically said, because Corrine doesn’t know where her husband goes every winter (but we do), but at least we get to know when he comes back from some mission to Nereidium –that she knows of–, bringing baby Bree with him, and they both flee to save her. I loved how made for each other Ardin and Corrine are, because they have a loving, healthy relationship, they have each other’s back, they are not afraid of doing what’s right, and stay together, even when they find out that Corrine is barren, and won’t be able to bear any children. I loved her also because she’s this tough, unafraid woman, willing to do anything for her loved ones, and I feel bad when I think Bree, who is so like her, grew up without her, and Ardin lost her when he loved her so much.

I’m glad I read this, but now, it’s kind of sad to say goodbye to this world, as I’ve already read everything there is on it. But I hope Jennifer Ellision writes more fantasy, and I will definitely be there to read it!


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