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Review - Sisters of Wind and Flame

Original Title: Sisters of Wind and Flame
Series: Threats of Sky and Sea, #0.5
Author: Jennifer Ellision
Published: June 28th, 2014

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

I loved this one! Finally, we can have some backstory on Lady Kat and Elena! This story takes place long before the events on Threats of Sky and Sea, but it is better to read it after reading that one, and Riot of Storm and Sea, to get acquainted with both sisters, and only then, delve into the past. This novella let us understand how and why Ekaterina turned into Lady Kat, King Langdon’s famous and feared assassin, power hungry, afraid of nothing, but also bearing an ever present hidden pain: the absence of her sister. Also, this gives an idea of the reason behind Elementals being able to wield two elements at the same time (air and fire), based on the fact that they are identical twins, and thus, they both possess both elements, but the one that is strong in one of them, is weak in the other. Or at least, that’s the way I understood it.

One of the things I value the most in fantasy is to show the human side of villains. No one is born evil, and it was good to know the true story behind Katerine’s attitude and character, born from pain. She had to grow up really fast, taking care of both a sick mother and sister, and dealing with the absence of her father, and after discovering her powers, she just wanted to be unique, and big enough not to be trampled on again. This book shows the lengths she goes to do just that, after being dismissed as the only Rider in training, and not wanting to be a healer, which seems to be the only role for them in the army. She wanted more, and had the temper to go for it, which is the start of the person she will later become, but her separation from Elena marked her forever, and learning of her death destroyed a part of her that still tied her to her family and made her feel some love in her life filled with her search for power. It was a sad story, but, as I read the rest of the trilogy, I know it’s not where it ends.

I was glad to meet, if briefly, Duke Ardin, during his noble days. I was fond of him as Bree’s father, but at this stage, he was at the service of King Langdon as a Rider, and Kat’s teacher. But he was already married, so now I want to read the story about how he met his wife.

Overall, it was a very good insight into the sisters’ past and Reveal as Elementals, and I just wish it had been longer, letting us know, for example, the moment in which Kat lost Bree as a baby, and managed to get the other girl that later would be Princess Aleta. But I’m not complaining. This world is amazing, and it deserves a read. Jennifer Ellision is definitely a good author, and I will be happy to read more by her in the future!


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